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Licensed investigators  specializing in lost dogs

The Real Pet Detectives, licensed private investigators with tracking dogs trained to find lost dogs.

* Lost Pet Professionals and/or Karin TarQwyn does not employ K9 Handlers.  K9 Handlers are Independent Contractors who work with Lost Pet Professionals on an independent basis in different parts of the U.S. and Canada. Lost Pet Professionals and Karin TarQwyn are released from any and all liability that may result from the hiring of  said Independent Contractors by pet owners, rescues or other entities. Independent Contractor K9 Handlers are released from any and all liability or loss that could result from the search. location and recovery of missing pets. Pet owners, rescues and other entities that decide to hire K9 Handlers or Karin TarQwyn will contractually release K9 Handlers from all liability that could be associated with the search for their missing pet prior to the Independent Contractor K9 Handler or Karin TarQwyn arriving on location.

​​From Karin TarQwyn...
When my dog Jack went missing, it was truly the worst experience of my life. I was a private investigator and was also trained in the search and recovery of missing people. However, like most people experiencing a missing pet crisis, I did not know what happened to Jack or what  would be the most effective. I put up fliers, walked and drove miles and miles of fields and streets. Today, I know the search for a missing dog goes beyond fliers, talking to people and driving around. The search for a missing animal must be performed based on what has actually happened to the pet.
Leap forward a decade in time and Lost Pet Professionals, an alliance of dedicated and passionate women,  are the result of my years learning, experiencing and growing in this work. Together, we have recovered thousands of missing pets both by working on location as well as off site through profiling and diagnostic location techniques.
As the missing animal industry begins to emerge as recognized specialty and career in many states and regions, the need for qualified and ethical professionals has increased. The dogs, investigators and K9 Handlers that work with LPP* have all been selected for this work. The investigators and K9 Handlers must first have compassion as well as a strong code of personal ethics. Many of the women working with us are past clients; they know and understand what a pet owner is going through as they have been there themselves. They have each went through several months of  hands-on training and mentoring . All have completed multiple level certifications. The dogs on the K9 teams are our friends and partners; they are selected for their drive as well as their willingness to track and work over long distances and periods of time. We do not take the family pet and train it to track. We select rescued dogs from shelters and that already exhibit the drive and skill to track and follow a scent trail. We then teach them to communicate their findings through trained alerts and behaviors.

I encourage you to have an investigator review your case. Call or fill out this form. You will talk with a private investigator trained and skilled in missing animal investigations. The investigator will profile not only your missing dog  but also the escape or missing event as well as the geographic environment and population centers where your pet went missing. While you are on the phone, we will summarize our findings, deduce what has most likely happened and then explain the steps necessary to achieve recovery.

I urge you to get started now… Time is of the essence.
Hope to talk with you soon…

​~Karin TarQwyn


Lost Pet Professionals... It all started with a little lost dog.