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Brenda  Basiley

​Private Investigator

Certified Lost Dog Specialist

Above: Families celebrating REUNIONS after working with Brenda... All the Way to FOUND!

​  Like most of the investigators at Lost Pet Professionals, Brenda came into the missing pet industry after experiencing a dog gone missing.
Brenda has been in dog rescue for over a decade. Six years ago, Karin TarQwyn received a call from a panicked and anxious Brenda. Over the course of the next week Karin worked with Brenda in a Home by Phone capacity until her timid foster dog Ringo was captured.

Over the past six years, Brenda has remained a staunch supporter of LPP not only assisting off site but also working on location with Karin and her K9 Team. In 2016, Brenda made the decision to join Lost Pet Professionals as an investigator. Over the past year she has completed her studies, certifications and licensing.

Today, Brenda assists pet owners across the globe through consultation and LPPs Home by Phone®
If you have a missing or lost pet, we urge you to make that phone call. Call Brenda at 888-569-5775. She knows and understand what you are going through... and she has the experience to help.



Licenses & Certifications:

Licensed Private Investigator State of Florida

Lic. #CC 1700148 A 1700050
Missing Pet Specialist