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CSI for Missing DOGS

The art of profiling subjects is not a new technology or state of the art invention. The FBI, Private Investigators and detectives in law enforcement have been using this deductive system for years to solve crimes of all types; it can also be used to recover missing pets.

Profiling can also be used  to determine the most likely actions a missing dog  may take in a given situation. This can be not only the situation the missing pet is experiencing but even the actual path the animal took when he or she went missing. It can also deduce the likelihood of the individual animal being recovered by a citizen as well as the nuances, location and recovery techniques necessary to bring the furry family member home. 

Over the past fourteen years, Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn has pioneered a profiling  process that  has proven successful in the recovery of missing, lost and stolen pets. This is the fastest and most effective recovery technique available for most missing pet situations . 

In many cases a Home By Phone Recovery Plan  will be successful without the need for on site assistance.

 Affordable, Effective... and Very Successful!.

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