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Real Pet Detectives with Certified K9 TEAMS

The use of a K9 team may be suggested if any of these circumstances apply:

  • The missing pet went missing from a place other than his/her home
  • The dog is a STARS dog  (Shy, Timid, Aloof, Reserved or Skittish)
  • There are no leads, sightings or clues
  • There are several sightings and the pet owner is unsure which are valid
  • The pet is lost in a remote area
  • The pet has been missing more than 10 days
  • There are immediate medical concerns
  • The pet owner wants to utilize every possible avenue 

Talk with our pet detectives: If your pet is missing, your best option is to request a case review with one of our Private Investigators to discover the best recovery options for your missing pet. You can call 888-569-5775 for immediate help.

Over the past decade, the use of specially trained scent dogs to find missing and lost pet’s has proven to be one of the most effective means by which to find and locate missing pets.

The K9 handlers that work with us are professionally trained in various skill sets to include not only K9 handling skills but also lost dog profiling, on location case structure specific to each of the nine scenarios under which pets go missing.

There is not a need for a tracking team on every case. Many missing pet situations can be resolved by working with one of our private investigators who will review your pet's missing situation and then suggest a strategy based on the specific missing scenario your pet is experiencing. 

The Real Pet Detectives, licensed private investigators with tracking dogs trained to find lost dogs.