Affordable  TRAINING for You & Your Dog

​​"Tracking by Nature" - The secret to our success


Train with the REAL Pet Detectives, licensed investigators with professional tracking dogs.

During evaluation and basic training your dog or dogs will be presented with actual scenarios to explore his response and tendencies. By allowing the dog to show us his natural tendencies, we can guide his training towards the style of scent work that will result in his highest success and enjoyment. Dogs like humans have natural tendencies that differ from dog to dog. We will identify these preferences and train you and your dog accordingly.


 Although many of dream of working alongside or in our case behind, a working dog, few actually get the opportunity. Imagine working with your loved dog or dogs while helping others.

Are you looking for a life where you can work with passion while helping others?                             

                    Working behind a K9 in the missing pet industry might be for you.

Training, Licensing and Certification

Making a difference... Train with the Real Pet Detectives

From Candidate Evaluation to Sanctioned Professional, the MASDN Training Intensives designed by Karin TarQwyn not only instruct  empower  you and your dog as you work through the certification levels wit towards field work assisting grieving pet owners with a missing pet. 

You will have the opportunity to work one-to-one with Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn, the recognized expert in missing pet recovery services. With over 14 years experience working missing pet cases and 22 years training scent specific tracking dogs, Karin will share with you the systems and secrets of profiling, locating and recovering missing pets as well as train you in the art of scent specific K9 work based on your dogs natural tendencies in scent work.

Work "Hand-In-Paw" with a K9 partner

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​The Real  Pet Detectives...

Licensed investigators  specializing in lost dogs